NCRC Speaker Series

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After acquiring the NCRC campus in 2009, University leaders described their vision for an exciting new campus with a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary and translational research. The large stretches of contiguous space provided unprecedented opportunities to co-locate investigators based on affinities, regardless of their academic home. As stated by James O. Woolliscroft, Dean of the University of Michigan Medical School, “It is a phenomenal opportunity to do science differently and further the University's mission".

Over the last three years NCRC has focused on bringing a vibrant research community to its site. NCRC is now home to over 2,000 researchers, staff, students and administrators. Included in this mix are researchers from 18 private companies housed in the Venture Accelerator and 3 non-University groups (Boropharm, Lycera, and the VA’s Center for Clinical Management Research, which houses over 50 faculty experts in health services research). These groups have located here because of the excellent facilities and the opportunity to interact with U-M researchers. Non-University NCRC occupants offer an exciting opportunity for our U-M research community to see what other research endeavors look like, identify commonalities and differences, learn and exchange ideas with individuals they would be unlikely to meet on other parts of campus.


Currently there are no upcoming Speaker Series.