Ann Arbor SPARK CEO Founders Podcast Featuring Dr. David Canter

June 29, 2015

As part of the Ann Arbor SPARK 10-year anniversary celebration, they invited founding board members to this special series to share their insights and reflect on the economic progress we've made in the Ann Arbor region.

During this podcast, Paul Krutko, President and CEO of Ann Arbor SPARK, interviews Dr. David Canter, Senior Associate Vice President and Executive Director at U-M's North Campus Research Complex.

Dr. Canter discusses how eight years ago, following Pfizer's closure, SPARK, U-M and other business leaders collaborated on a plan for economic prosperity. Dr. Canter also discusses transferring research and talent from the University to several successful startup companies in the region. To hear more about Dr. Canter's involvement as one of the founders of Ann Arbor SPARK and his vision for the economic future of Ann Arbor, listen to the entire podcast.

Ann Arbor SPARK 10 Year Anniversary Video

Ann Arbor SPARK 10 Year Anniversary Video